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Hey there fellow writer,

Ask any published author and she’ll tell you—there’s nothing quite like a book to grab the attention of a whole new audience.

Sure, you can blog regularly (and you should), but with SEO getting more and more competitive, it’s increasingly difficult to make a name for yourself with just a blog. The same holds true for all the conventional marketing methods.

  •  Podcasters work for years to build up a significant audience.
  •  YouTube requires constant feeding.
  •  And social media? Well, just look at your Facebook reach. Clearly that’s not working either.

More Than Just 
Your Name On The Cover
Writing a book isn’t just about the author page on Amazon, or hosting a big launch party. A book is the number one way to prove your worth as a coach or service provider.

Think about it: A book is your opportunity to speak uninterrupted to your ideal client about anything you want her to know. You have her undivided attention. You’ll be her constant companion for several days. It’s your chance to make a lasting impression.

Not only that, but you get to show off what you know without seeming self-centered or arrogant. You can let your personality shine, and freely share your opinions. There really is no other vehicle quite like a book for getting your message across.


More Press, More Clients, More Money

But maybe the bigger benefit of writing a book is the attention it can bring.

After all, when the mainstream press goes looking for people to interview on a specific subject, who do they turn to first?


And more press means more clients & students (imagine the flood of inquiries just one morning radio interview would bring in), and more money in your wallet.

The only problem is…

You Have To Write The Book First

No one ever got called up to appear on Oprah because she thought about writing a book. No one will shake your hand at a business conference and be thrilled that you’re planning to write a book. No one will pay you more because you might write a book someday.

You have to actually write the book.

And that’s where it all falls apart for so many people.
  •  I don’t have time.
  •  I don’t know what to write about.
  •  I hate to write.
The list of excuses goes on and on. But you know what? That’s all they are. Excuses.

They hold no weight, and you can’t let them prevent you from reaping the rewards a published book can bring.

Introducing the…

30-Day Book Writing Bootcamp

This helpful, inspiring, and actionable four-week course will not only help you overcome all the hurdles you face when it comes to writing your book, but it will become your go-to guide for mastering the techniques every author needs to know.

And if you act now you can get the 30 Day Book Bootcamp Training Bundle..

Here's Everything You're Getting Right Now...
Week 1:
Book Ideas That Work +
Highly Effective Research

Let's start your book off right by tackling the number one issue new author's face: what to write about. It can be hard to know what makes a great book. 

In week one, you will quickly discover...
  • 7 types of books that sell --  Chances are you've read many of these styles from your favorite authors, and with good reason: They're the easiest to write AND they have market appeal. 
  • How to choose the right book for you and your business --  with real-life examples to help you know what style will resonate with your audience. 
  • Why more is not always better --  and how a "light" read can perform better with your market.
  •  How to get over the drudgery of writing -- get this right, and your excitement for your topic will shine through
  •  Two types of research you must do -- and how to do it. 
  •  How to add credibility through research -- do this one thing and you'll instantly achieve expert status, no matter what your subject matter. 
  •  Where to learn more -- don't stop with this guide! Head to your local bookseller and learn from the best
Week 2:
Creating Your Powerful Book Outline

If you have a "signature" program or course, then this style of book is the perfect accompaniment. Even better, it will be super easy for you to write. 

In week two, you will quickly discover...
  • Identifying your topic --  and why it doesn't have to match your signature product at all.  
  • How to know you've refined & defined your topic well enough -- & it might take more work than you think. 
  • The special circumstance that makes a DIY book your very best option -- but ONLY if you meet this criteria
  •  The two-step research process that will guarantee your book reaches the right audience -- don't skip this step, or you'll wind up on the "remainders' table. 
  •  Six critical questions to ask during the outlining process -- get this right, and your book will be spot on with your unique market and branding.  
  •  Must have components for every book -- without these, your book will not help you. 
  •  How to find your voice -- this is your unique style and sound, and it's critical for branding. 
  •  The number one tip for writing well -- if you do this one thing, you'll be far ahead of most other authors. 
Week 3:
Planning Your Book Chapters 
For Maximum Clarity & Power

This is where truly spectacular books are differentiated from the so-so kind. If all you do is right without a plan or structure, you'll probably sell a few copies. But when you create a book that flows naturally from one section to the next, you'll pull your readers alone and leave them singing your praises.

In week three, you will quickly discover...
  •   The basic purpose and structure of a chapter – get this right and you'll instantly make your book more enjoyable to read.
  •  How to use a popular fiction writing technique to keep your readers engaged.
  •  The secret of impulsion – and how it can drive your book from beginning to end.
  •  Easy-to-follow examples of a book in progress – no more wondering if you're missing something important. It's all right here for you to see an action.
  •   Three types of narratives your book must include – a proper mix of all Three makes your book infinitely more enjoyable – and effective.
  •  Other elements to liberally sprinkled throughout your book – these help readers better understand your most important points.
  •  How to nail the most important section of your book – get this right, and your reader will be hooked!
  •  Proper use and placement of calls to action – yes, even your book must have them, but they're not the same as you are used to. 
Week 4:
Putting it All Together &
Making it Work For You

With the research done, your message clarified and the structure planned, it's time to get down to business. Week four is all about getting the work done, so let's dive in!

In week four, you will quickly discover...
  •   How to create your perfect writing schedule  –  because if you leave it until you feel inspired, you'll never get that book finished! 
  •  The simple math every author needs to know – this alone will set you up for massive success in less time than you imagined.
  •  Why links are critical for your success – and why shorter might even be better.
  •  Five ways to keep organized and on task – there is more to finishing a book than just endless typing.
  •  The one thing that will derail your book writing indefinitely – avoid doing this at all costs!
  •   How to properly edit your book – including four often seen mistakes that can only be caught on a careful read through. 
  •   Proper formatting techniques  – and why hiring a pro is almost always your best bet. 
  •  When to schedule your launch – a book launch is a great way to get noticed, but you must get the scheduling right, or your launch will fall flat. 
You'll Get An Entire 4-Week Home Study Course With Video Training Modules + 4 Fast Action Plans Worksheets + 4 Program Accelerator Checklists + Slide Downloads For Each Week. 
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To Be Sure You Have Everything You Need in This "Book Writing Bootcamp" I'm Also Including 5 Bonuses That You Can ONLY Get During This Special Sale!


BONUS #1: 
Amazon Author Page 
Monetization Planner
The Step-by-Step Planner Includes: 
  • Step 1: How To Rock Your Author Photo 
  • Step 2: How To Craft a Compelling Biography
  • Step 3: How To Make Use of Your Events Tab
  • Step 4: How To Use Video To Make Sales
  • Step 5: How To Invite Visitors Back to Your House
  • Step 6: How To Start a Conversation
  • Step 7: How To Spread the Word

BONUS #2: 
100 Tools, Resources, Websites, & Apps For Writers
Here you will find 100 writing tools to help perfect your writing experience. In fact - I'm throwing in a bonus 11 tools to make it a whopping 111 Writing Tools.
You'll Learn Things Like
  • Writing Prompts
  • Writer's Block Relief
  • Storage options
  • Organization and strategies

BONUS #3: 
85 Dead Simple Strategies To Promote Your Book (Audio Download)
Promoting Your Book has never been easier (or more profitable).  
Here's just a sample of some of the strategies you'll learn: 
  • How to entice and engage new readers so you create genuine desire for your book (without being ‘salesy’ or resorting to ‘sleazy’ marketing tactics. Yes, it is possible, and I’ll show you how)
  • The single biggest mistake authors make with their book promotion (This mistake almost guarantees you make a mere fraction of what you could—and should—be making. 
  • The exact kind of content to give away on your website if you want to attract the best buyers.
  • How even "newbie" writers can beat the pants off seasoned pros when it comes to book sales. (This secret is perfect whether you're a first time author trying to break into a new category... or a series writer wanting to gain a cult-like readership.)
  • The single most profitable way to build a targeted opt-in email list of people eager to purchase your book. 
  • And so much more! 

BONUS #4: 
How To Accelerate Your Writing In
1-Hour Using Scrivener
Could This Teach You How to Use Scrivener to Publish Your Writing, Grow Your Business, and Be Read By Thousands of People Every Day?

If your career depends on your writing...whether you're writing books, you're a pro blogger, a copywriter, a marketer...this training makes sure you don't have to think. All you have to do is follow the steps, and people will start asking you what your secret weapon is. Seriously. You won't be able to help yourself from being a prolific writer whose name keeps popping up everywhere.
Here's exactly what you'll learn 
  • How to setup Scrivener for your success...get things setup quickly, and virtually guarantee your success with using it.
  • How to navigate the complicated Scrivener window so you know what you need to use, and when you need to use it (and forget about what you don’t so you don’t waste time).
  • How to use the outliner to organize massive projects, complete them, and feel completely in control of your writing process.
  • How to customize your toolbar and turn yourself into a writing machine...whether you have a million ideas, or just 1.
  • How to master the art of the rewrite and save every single version of your work (so you never worry about losing your ‘writing gold’ again).
  • How you can print, compile, share, and export your work with anyone so no one misses out on reading your work.
  • And much much more!

BONUS #5: 
Step-By-Step Book Launch Formula
Once your book is finished it's time to get the word out, and that starts with a rocking book launch. Of course, there are lots of moving parts to coordinate, so I've broken down the steps for you in this training. 
Here's exactly what you'll be getting
  • 10 pre-launch tasks you can do right now (even before your book is finished) to build buzz -- get your audience excited, and you'll build a ready list of buyers weeks ahead of time! 
  • Why your book launch is not just about your book -- and how to incorporate video, audio and more to capture a larger audience.
  • Why YouTube can be your biggest source of traffic during a book launch -- and all it takes is this one simple tool!
  • How to prepare your website for launch -- skipping this step is like failing to straighten your house before company arrives. 
  • How to find the time to do all the tasks that are required for an amazing launch -- because the last thing you need is more overwhelm. 
  • A 3-step plan for gearing up your social media presence -- without a strong social media plan, your launch will suffer. 
  • The one tool all social outreach plans need -- and you're probably using it every day (but maybe not correctly). 
  • How to find out the best time (and places) to hang out online with your audience -- because getting in front of the traffic is critical to your success. 
  • How to make use of your ARCs -- and how to be sure you get the best results from your outreach efforts. 
Huge $535 Package Value - The 30 Day Book Bootcamp is all yours for only $197 
Everything is Yours for 
ONLY $197
How long do I have access?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I'm a fiction writer?
The same strategies apply to fiction and non-fiction, and this works equally well for both genres. If you have any specific questions, just ASK - we're here to help.
Do I have to complete it in 30 days?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. If you want to participate in the 30-day challenge part, we welcome you to do that, too. But it's completely up to you! 
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